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I am at it again. Blogging about all things baby Krew. I am such a sucker for this little guy already, feeling him moving around this morning after my dried mango's doesn't help any. I figure to keep this all in one place and be able to go somewhere to show husband what I have in mind may be a good idea. I think I will be back later in the week with some nursery inspirations I think we have finally agreed on some colors! We have a mere 122 days or less till he comes so we best get on this shit!

1. Graco Pack n Play Element Stages Oasis I know some people don't think I need this & a bassinet but apparently Grandma thinks baby boy needs a bassinet for his first few months in our bedroom so I will not argue with her I think they are so cute and perfect for babes! I want a pack n Play for various reasons, sleepovers a Grandma's, nap time in the family room, vacations, etc. I like this one because of the simpleness all baby really needs since we do have the Kolcraft bassinet!!

2. Timi&Leslie Diaper Bag I have had a hard time picking out a diaper bag. Since I am such a designer handbag whore it's been hard for me to realize I really don't need a designer diaper bag. At all. Plus since I am planning on returning to work I can still have my hand bags by day and my diaper bag by night, I still need something fashionable though. I love the look of this Dawn style diaper bag plus the color and I don't think you can go wrong with leather! The satchel strap is a plus too, hopefully everyone that watches Krew will like it too since it will pretty much be his day bag!

3. Aden + Anais I have heard so many good things about these swaddle blankets. I want the lights kind possible and the easiest ones to wrap Krew up like a burrito in. I will be registering for these fo sho!

4. Nap Nanny These seem very nice for nap times when I want/need Krew need me but don't feel like having him in his bassinet or pack n play! Perfect for shower time, chore time, or anything I need to put him down for!

5. ItzBeen My sister in law raves about her ItzBeen so I figure I best invest in one too! Whenever I do cook which is never I always forget to set a timer and never remember the time I put the cake in and it burns well I don't want this same thing to happen with my baby. It will be nice to have something to help me keep track of feeding times, breast position, and diaper changes! Especially late at night.

6. Sophie I have almost bought this so many times since we have been out but haven't bought much since people keep telling me to wait till after my baby shower! Hopefully this little guy sneaks into the shower somewhere if not I will go out and buy him for Krew. I mean if Krew doesn't like him at least he is cute right?

Let me know what you mamas think about my list. If I need to add/change anything or if there is something I am clearly missing that our must haves for you! I think I am getting my wish lists and everything in order finally! Thank you polyvore and blogger!

Happy Tuesday!
Dani & Spencer Love said...

I'm not a mama yet but I've heard good things about baby elephant ears, for the car seat. I tried to post the link but it wouldn't let me! Check em out :)

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