Dear Krew,
Dad, Aunt Jess, & I were excited to see you via ultrasound last night, I felt you in my tummy ALL day. I knew you were excited for us to see you too. When we finally did you see you were asleep, I mean I can't say much being your mama that's all I really like to do. Your big brother Gus usually doesn't argue either However, every other ultrasound we go to you are so wiggly the doctor has a hard time getting your heart rate we were hoping to see some movement from you but you must have been tired from the mornings karate classes! I did love seeing your sweet face though, your button nose, your lips, your perfect limbs, & you even have wide feet like your dad just like him in fact. Melts your mamas heart.

A lot of people have commented and asked me why/how I have had so many ultrasounds. I have no complications in my pregnancy and it is not high risk. My doctor asked me to participate in a first time moms study, and or NuMoM2B. It is such an awesome study and I am so glad I was chosen to help bring modern medicine up to date with the new mom world. Being pregnant for the first time is a lot to take in so this study is awesome, I signed up for FREE and get 3 ultrasounds 1 at 10-12 weeks, 1 at 16-25 with a DVD and 1 at 27-34 weeks which is a 3D one. At the end I will be reimbursed for my time and gas about $200 I just need to be willing to give blood, urine sample, and a specimen sample each appointment. I figured any extra FREE time I get to see my baby on the sonogram makes for a happy mom! If your hospital is participating I highly suggest talking to your doctor about. We got some really cute pictures last night and everything looks great with baby Krew! I got back for my 20 week anatomy scan on the 29th. Can't wait to see my boo again!


Lauren said...

what a great opportunity to see your little baby so frequently! Of course I wouldn't have been too excited about the extra blood draws!

jane walts said...

oh you had a great shot! nice! very nice...

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