CMT Awards 2012

Not sure about y'all but when I think of country music I think of the one and only Carrie Underwood!
I sat on my couch from 5:00-9:00 watching the CMT awards getting up twice to potty! I was really into them this year not to mention I love me some country boys! Oh, and I thought Kristen Bell did awesome! I love her fun down to earth humor!

(i never noticed what a hottie mr. underwood is!)

It's hard for me not to see Luke Bryan being into pregnant chicks. I mean we are hormonal, bigger then usual, OCD mad women, and of course clingy so Luke Bryan, holla at cha gurl. (call me (;)

That is as good as my recap is going to get. I think Jason Aldean was deserving of a few more awards such as HOTTIE OF THE YEAR but it's not all up to me right?!

Hilary Lane said...

Good Lord above, if I could have Carrie's legs, I'd die happy.

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