Today I am grateful. Not for any particular reason, some days I have these bursts of happiness and gratefulness and other days I have feelings of hate, anger, and bitterness. Maybe it has something to do with my hormones or my past or my fear of the future I'm not sure. I love days when I do feel blessed I like to sit in and soak in the moment, it's a beautiful thing. Thinking about all of the things God has granted me, all of the things I have been so lucky to have. My husband, my unborn child, my amazing (sometimes looney) parents, BOTH of my sisters, my brother in law, my sweet niece & nephews, the lessons I have learned from the ones whom "love me the most", my bright future, my amazing close friends, my job, my fur-babies. I could honestly go on and on about all of the things in my life that I need to start thanking god for on a daily basis. Today I have felt baby Krew squirming like no other, maybe he knows mom and dad get to see him in a few short hours maybe he is just happy. Regardless, I am happy & my husband is happy.

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