13 weeks!

How Far Along? 13 weeks! In the picture above I am 13w5d!

Size of Baby? Lemon. I think I will make some Iced Tea!

Maternity Clothes? Just maternity leggins still & regular tops along with the BeBand!

Weight Gain? I have not weighed myself since my appointment last week. Will update on Friday when I go for another appt & my 14 week bump post!

Stretch Marks? No

Gender? We find out in 1 week!! 

Sleep? Amaze.balls. STILL.

Food Cravings? Icecream, Spicy Peppers, Watermelon

What I Miss? I am taking it all day by day! ((:

Symptoms? This past week I have had really bad gas pains & slight heartburn! Bring on the hair!!

Best Moment of the Week? Finally being taken down to the 1 week countdown for the gender! Also, getting the nursery 85% cleaned out!!
Mitzi G. said...

You look so cute!!

Jessica said...

You are adorable!!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

You are one of the most adorable pregnant women EVER! Ahhh so happy for you! I am new to your blog, so a very big CONGRATS to you :) Can't wait to find out about the gender!


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