It was a chilly May weekend here in SLC. I am ready for the 90+ degrees to hit anytime now, I know my oven is on full bake but I'd rather be hott then cold anyday!! Husband worked nights all weekend so we didn't do much marriage bonding. My Friday started out lovely, I had my sisters graduation she graduated from The University of Utah with her Bachelors Degree in Economics.
Pretty much my dad had a cry session, my mom was pleased to finally have a child graduated and I was happy to get off of work early! We had lunch at Little America then carried on with our day my hardworking self came back to work for the rest of the day. After work my BFF Lexie and I went to the hair store then City Creek Mall where I spent too much $$ then to see The Avengers!
(Yeah she has long hair like Kim Kardashian. (bitch))

The Avengers was awesome and I am definetly Team Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. is looking hot for his age! The movie got out way late so I headed home and put my pregnant butt to bed! Saturday we woke up and had a yard sale with my sister and brother in law it was CHILLY but we came out about $40 richer! Saturday hubbs had to work so I hung out with my niece and nephews grubbed on food and healthy snacks! Sunday I slept till noon then hubbs and our brother in law took nephew to see The Avengers. Best picture ever::
Seriously is he not going to be such a fun dad or what? I went to lunch and Ikea with sis and then went home cleaned out my closet shoes and all. I NEED to start crossing things off of my to-do list or I don't feel it will ever get done! We need to finish our backyard$$, get a new roof, get new carpet, new/smaller office furniture and once we find out the gender I can put my nursery vision into full effect! 2 weeks peeps!!

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