15 Weeks!!

(picture from gender reveal) too lazy to do a board!

How Far Along?  15 weeks

Size of Baby?  A navel orange

Maternity Clothes?  Mostly bottoms. I am rocking maxi skirts and dresses and sweats when I can!

Weight Gain? I am up 6 pds

Stretch Marks? None yet fingers crossed!

Gender? baby BOY 

Sleep?  I have really good nights and really bad nights!

Food Cravings? Icecream, Spicy Peppers, Watermelon, Coke

What I Miss? Tanning. legit. Call me Snooki don't care.

Symptoms?  Still a little but of gas pains and constant 3 day headaches!

Best Moment of the Week?  Finding out our bean is a BOY!!
Jessica said...

I missed tanning too!!

Annie said...

how exciting that you are having a boy!! you look great! i think there was a time when i was prego that i totally missed being tan as well ;) then i discovered a spray tan in a can from target and i've been using it ever since, so almost 2 years now! i don't ever tan in tanning beds and rarely outside now because the tanning spray is awesome! you should pick some up, i think it's L'Oreal! :)
i hope your headaches go away soon!

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