Cry Session

I am somewhat of a ball baby and bring pregnant has only intensified those ball baby moments! I read this article this morning. The flood gates opened. I love my dogs I am worried about how my dogs will do once the baby comes. I want everything to be such a smooth transition for all of us, if things aren't in my control and going the way I want/expect them too I lose it. I spend days, hours, minutes thinking of the best outcome in every situation and stress over those little details. This is a good article on puppy love plus you have to appreciate the soldiers whom put their life on the line for us. I just wanted to share (not the tears) but the truth in this article! Enjoy!
Jessica said...

Everything will be just fine girl :)

Taylor Grace said...

I read a similar article about soldiers and their pups and could not stop crying either, and I'm not pregnant! And I was at work... So it was all sorts of wrong.

And to ease your worries, my sister just had a baby and her dog of five years adjusted really good, if anything (Mischa the dog) just got used to more daddy time!

Cute blog by the way!

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