I have an ultrasound today in 2 hours & I cannot wait! My mom is coming with me to this one ::squee:: can't wait to see my little bean again! Also, today marks my 11 week mark which is so crazy to me I have already known for 6 weeks! Say what? Husband and I NEED to start working on clearing out the office and spare bedroom and combining the 2. I will let you know when my energy motivation returns!! Oh, & it's freaking May 1st? I was sitting on the couch telling hubbs it's May, holy shit! March is over.. wait April is over! Bring on the swimming pools baby! I don't think anyone is happier about Summer then my puppy Chewy she loves staying outside in the yard all day and basking in the sun or in the shade! This was her last night after an eventful day of fights with her little brother, runs up and down the fence, and a frisbee sesh.
Yeah she was conked out on little beans playmat! Apparently she thinks it is hers or is just really excited to be apart of her little brother/sisters life! Speaking of that we find out the gender in 21 freaking days!!

Our Gender Reveal party is in 22 days and I can't wait the invitations are OUT, the food is picked, & my sweeter then pie sis-in law offered to do the decorations which takes a HUGE load off of my back I always take these things SO seriously!

You know I can't end this blog without sayin' sumfin about this:
She named her freaking baby girl Maxwell Drew!! Is that legal?
I am all Jessica Simpson lovin' but seriously? For a girl? Some people and their name choices!

I will be back tomorrow with my 11 week bump picture and update!
Ta Ta

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