Success is Failure

My post title sets my mood for today! After a very stressful month end at work, a few sleepless nights due to my bean, and the husband on night shifts I get a little discouraged and have to pick myself back up from where I started. The quote goes like this "Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure." Last night I sat on my couch and looked down and saw this:
Holy smokeballs of fire this came out of nowhere! Just a mere 3 months ago I was down to my goal weight of 105 and was determined to get toned up for my 5 year high school Summer reunion. I sat there staring at my belly and I think it all hit me. I have a miracle life inside of me, some women do not get the chance to experience everything I am. For that from here on out I want to be more intune with my body and my baby. This little thing depends on me for EVERYTHING while in my womb which is so cool I never thought anyone would NEED me. Pregnancy gives me a whole new meaning of someone "needing" me. Of course I always feel like I am the go to girl in my relationships and work life, everyone needs me for something at all times and I have the tendency to stretch myself a little too far but from here till November I am going to listen to my body and let me babies needs come above everyone and everything else! So just as I think I need a break from life I remember what I am working for, what I try so hard everyday to be, and who I try to represent myself as. I am a strong, sucessful, intelligent, independent, caring, and loving woman. I can conquer the world if I really put my mind to it. With that being said, I need that mindset to finish out today and move on to my Happy Day which is Friday. I will be back tomorrow with my 12 week bump post! I know I missed my 11 week one but after my doctor visit Tuesday I was farther along then expected!

P.S Remeber my bestfriend Lexie. Sexy Puppy.
She deserves a blogpost all her own. This little chick is here through everything. I think of her as my work husband the one who hears the good, the bad, and the ugly of my pregnany through my working eyes. Thank you jesus for this sweet soul!

Jessica said...

I'm glad you have someone like Lexie in your life! Friends are awesome. :)

And it amazes me that our bodies can do such amazing things - like MAKE OTHER HUMANS. Crazy!

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