Let me start off by saying, I am loving every minute of my 2nd trimester, it has been easy, smooth and sick free! Other then the occasional pulling and stretching of my body thinking of my little man seems to make it all go away! We have finally came to an agreement on a name for our guy so we can stop calling him "it, bambino, uno, baby etc".

I have loved the name Krew for quite sometime now, I don't know why it's very edgy maybe. I had a fantastic weekend in Idaho and probably shopped for Krew too much but hey, you only do this first baby thing once right? I have been stressed to the maxx thinking of all of the things that I have to do/need to do for my own sanity. We stopped by our local Buy Buy Baby last night and I was able to narrow down between 2 cribs, our carseat and stroller travel system, and our bedding! I finally have a vision of it all in my head and can't wait to start putting it into action! I know I have ALL Summer to get things done but my mind is like a hamster ball and it's always on HIGH ROLL.

We decided to go with the Graco Quattro Reverse Travel System in Platinum for our little dude. I decided on this one because the reviews are really good, it is very light weight which is nice for my litte frame, and I also just like the classy colors of it. "Keep it classy San Diego" (name that movie!)
Hubbs had to test it out of course!

I am still taking this pregnany thing day by day. I hate to complain because we are so very blessed but this whole gaining weight thing is really getting to my head! I know I need to be gaining weight and that it is healthy weight for both Krew and I but come one I've always weighed between 100-115 (error I mean 115) so it's been rough. Plus my hips feel like they are going to RIP right out of my body, but hey I am keeping my eye on the sweet sweet prize!
This little guy made me feel better last night!

Here are some quotes that are going to help me get through my day and into my Friday and hott beautiful weekend! I will be in tomorrow with my 16 week bump post. Holy Moly!

Jessica said...

Love the name!!

Tickled Pink said...

Love the name!! :)

Lola said...

congrats! His name is great! Thanks for sharing!


Lauren said...

Love the name! And I totally understand about you gaining weight...I had always been at 110-115 so the whole "gaining weight" thing was hard on me! But in the end it was so worth it...all 45 pounds of it!

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