Gender Reveal

I had been waiting what seemed like ages (8weeks to be exact) to find out what our baby was & to share the new with the ones I love the most. We will never.ever forget last night, the love from all of our friends & family, the happiness, and the overall joy! Love was really in the air. After all of the chaos and planning and obsessing I did it was such a fabulous night and I am so glad we were able to put it all together!!

The night was perfect to say the least. The cake, the food, the decorations, the people. Pure bliss. For the food we just had a veggie tray, a berry bowl, cupcakes, chips and salsa, lemonade & cake of course!

Since Ryan and I found out the night before we let my parents cut the cake, this is their first Grandbaby so they were pretty excited to say the least. I don't feel like I can put how great the party was into words, and pictures don't do all the justice needed.
My niece & I. She always has the greatest stories.

My dad with nephew (dad never really does well with pics)

The banner was made by my fabulous sister in law whom does NOT give herself enough credit for her creativity. Yes. YOU bitch! Check her & the cute kids I am always bragging about HERE.
She is usually cheesin' for pictures but we must have caught her at a bad time!


Proud Parents!!

Sorry for the picture overload and the lack of tan on my body!  I cannot thank everyone enough for the party, the gifts, and the love that was shown to us last night! I can't wait to one day till our little man about all of the excitement, love, joy, and pure happiness that was bottled up in our small house last night.

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Eeeek!! BLUE FOR BOY!!!

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