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I am going to try summarize my hectic weekend in a short post with lots of pics! Friday hubbs & I started it out by going to his work 5 hour banquet at the Grand America I was starving and the only thing they had was MEAT!! I was miserable to say the least and had extreme GAS pains! After, we headed to my sis and brother in laws where they were celebrating his 28th 39th birthday!! I don't think our family would be quite the same without that dude! Happy Birthday Deano ::throws confetti:: We didn't stay long as I was still not feeling well I ran home and blobbed right into bed. Saturday we woke up around 10 a.m and did LOTS of Summer cleaning. We are putting our office and spare bedroom into one to make room for the nursery! We got the nusery cleaned out for the most part we just have to find an office desk and futon! Then we headed to a local baby store called Babinkis where I was in complete baby heaven and my O.C.D kicked in to overdrive!! I picked out the crib and glider and we are going to go order next weekend with Grandma and Grandpa!! I am getting more and more excited! I also HAD to pick up the Sleep Sheep since I have heard SO my blog mamas, Facebook mamas, and friends rave about how much their babe LOVED it! I love it myself!!
We headed home for the day & bbq'd some dinner outside on the patio then watched The Vow. Yes, I am that lucky girl whom husband watches chick flicks with her!! Saturday was such a great day I love having days just husband and I and soon baby!!

Sunday was my 1st "unoffical" Mothers Day & I got spoiled way more then I needed or even expected! I woke up to flowers and a spa gift card!!
I actually need to make an appointment to go and get a facial before my party week and vacation in Idaho with husbands cousins! (girl trip!!) We had breakfast with husbands sister then went for a double scoop icecream cone and headed home for a nap! Then we went to my moms for dinner and celebrated with my family my mom and dad were so sweet and bought me a card with a gift card for A Pea in the Pod or Motherhood Maternity because my mom knows I'd never spend money on maternity clothes! I know I NEED to but I still have it in my head that I can be my self fashionable and pregnant. PHAT as I'd like to say yes, (pregnant, hot & tempting). Ridculous I know I am starting to need new pants so maybe I will hunt this weekend! I do have to do a little shoutout post to my mama
The words I have for this woman will never truely sum up how I feel about her and how much I look up to her for Christian guidance. She is the epitomy of a working mama, I am not quite sure how she managed to juggle everything that she did and still not miss ANY of my track meets. I am sure to find out soon though! I am so lucky to have her by my side guiding me through this pregnancy and motherhood! Love you mom!!
It's officially Summer in the SLC. Snoasis snow shakes are open!! Yay!! We went with niece and nephew last night! I of course had Tigers Blood and indulged fully! I know I have the cutest niece in the world she is so sassy and full of spunk! I hope this Summer is as good as my head has planned!

1 week today til we find out the gender! Cast your vote!!

Jessica said...

I've heard such good things about the sleep sheep!!

Lauren said...

you will absolutely LOVE the sleep sheep! Our baby girl loves it!

and woohoo for Hubby's that watch chick-flicks!

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