Weekend Ramblings

Hey Lovies!
I had a crazy fun weekend! Let me recap and share pics!! Friday hubbs & I went out for Famous Dave's and then to see
It was everything that I read it to be but not much more. A sense of humor, sadness, qurkiness, and of course sassy! May I please ask the sweet lawd above to grant me looks like Brooklyn Decker when I am 8 to 9 months pregnant? That was fun but I was happier to meet with my bed afterwards, that seems to be my thing lately. Saturday I woke up at 8:00 AM and dove right into my house DEEP cleaning and office rearrangement! I don't have any pictures yet since it still isn't 100% done but I will post as soon as we get it together! I never did get to shower after cleaning Saturday my niece and 2 nephews were over later that evening for a sleepover! I love to have fun sleepovers with them, it met my expectations too! I was up most of the night because I have been sleeping like crap shit lately plus my nephew whom is 6 mo old missed his mama! Needless to say I was running on about 2 hours of sleep, we woke up about 8 AM. Fed the kiddies breakfast and took off for a picnic at Copperton Park and headed up to the Kennecott Copper Mine for some more fun!
Ry's tan usually never shows mine up but this Summer I am going to have to take a back seat to trying to out due my family in our yearly tanning comp.

I have been to the Mine a lot in my younger days, I think I probably took 3 field trips to that place. Though it was fun to see my niece and nephew marvel at the big hole I myself was just thinking about a nap! No way; this mama had way too much planned!
After they kicked us out for the mine blast we headed to the mall! I have been needing to get some new maternity pants for Summer and work and I have no time this week or next weekend to go so hubbs took me and I got some really cute comfy stuff! Afterwards, he treated me to La Frontera (my fav mexican place) & we headed home for the preimere of KUWTK!! If you heard about the Solar Eclipse I didn't fully see it but we did manage to get some sweet pictures!

I showered and hit the sack around 9:30 to prepare for my 5:00 AM wake up call!
Jessica said...

I missed the eclipse! I really want to see that movie.

Marian said...

I kind of want to see that movie for the fathers alone. Their Dude group seems funny! Unfortunately my husband isn't into it. And I can't find a girlfriend to go with me either. Maybe I'll just wait to rent:)

Lauren said...

definitely missed the solar eclipse...bummer!

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