Cleaning out my closet

If you would have told me 3 1/2 years ago when I moved into my home that someday I could not use all 3 bedroom closets for myself I would NOT have believed you. Yes, for the past 3 years I have been using 3 closets for my own personal clothes, shoes, handbags, hoodies/coats, hats, and anything else you can think of! Well this weekend hubbs & I were able to clean out the closets & the office and move the baby stuff that has been cluttering our bar/living room for 6ish weeks now!! I can't wait to find out the gender on Tuesday so I can start going shopping CRAY! Something about little baby clothes just gets me going! I do think I am having a girl and feel like we mains well start buying PINK, that's how strong my intuition is. If I am wrong I will be so so surprised! Here are a few MUST-HAVES for our "baby girls" closet!

How cute is this Juicy Couture Baby Romper,. Seriously is this not to die for? Add in a little baby chubb coming out the sides and pink painted toe nails and that spells Summer to me! (:

Also, I saw this cute little tiny bikini for my baby doll!
Does anyone else LOVE LOVE LOVE baby bikinis or is it just me? Add the smell of natural baby and some suncreen and that calls for a day at the pool with my little sweet pea! I am getting too excited here!!

Don't forget the shoes for those little feetsies! I understand that babies don't wear shoes a lot but there is nothing wrong with buying a few in hopes that they will get a little bit of wear out of them! These are just a few of my favorite things for a baby girl. Of course she has to be stylin' in JC like her mama!

Now now I haven't left out my dreams for a baby BOY either because if you have been reading my blog as of the last 6 weeks or so you would know that I do not care if I have a boy or a girl I just feel very blessed to be able to create such a miracle! I do have a few "first purchase" items for a sweet little boy too!

Seriously here I go with the shoes again but every little boy needs a pair of Air Jordan. Teach them Swagg young! Plus wether he wears these or not aren't they just too cute not to cherish? I can't believe how much of a "mom" I am turning into!
Pair these 2 swim pieces together with some sunscreen and a picnic lunch and it calls for a day at the Country Club. Golfing with Grandpa and dad with a white polo, swimming with mama & Auntie. Or getting food all over the little buddha belly!! See how badly I need to shop here! Wether I get a BOY or  GIRL I am going to be so over the moon excited and can't wait to start planning our future as a family of 3!(both found at baby gap)

Jessica said...

Gah! That last pair of shorts is adorable!!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

This post is exacrly why I am just loving your blog ! I have to admit, I feel bad that part of the reason my husband and I are moving is because there is no more closet space because between my "junk" and wedding gifts, we are maxed out! Moving to a 3BR will be so nice :)

kimberly @ lush lounge said...

I think I love baby clothes so much because they are super cute and mini size! I love everything mini!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

I agree with Kimberly. There is something about seeing those mini outfits. So cute. I have two boys but if I ever have a girl, watch out. The shopping will be insane!


Hilary Lane said...

Now I have Eminem's "Cleaning out my Closet" song stuck in my head, haha. That romper is too cute!

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