I will admit it. I am already THAT mother who is super bias and thinks their child is the cutest, sweetest, little thing in the world. I had a fabulous ultrasound yesterday and we were able to get some pretty incredible looks at our sweet pea! We got to see both little legs, and arms, and them lips are to die for! We were able to see the little foot imprint the hand was up by the face sleeping just like mama does (look below)

The little one was squirming and moving around so much it to the tech a little longer to find the heartbeat but once we found it, it was stronger then ever at 175! My mom was able to come to this one with us and it was a lot of fun! We love you so much already little thing!
20 days till the Gender Reveal!
Cindy said...

It's a GIRL! :)

Jessica said...

Aww yay! You got some great shots!

JDub said...

I've been reading but haven't had a chance to comment yet :) CONGRATULATIONS! Glad you're back - always have enjoyed your blog.

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