On this day I married my best friend. 
 We were married in St. Patrick's Catholic Church 

my grandparents, and parents were both married here so I almost had to get married there! It was a beautiful and spiritual ceremony, a bride can't even explain the way they feel walking down the isle and seeing their groom for the first time.
I wish someone would have gotten a picture of R up at the alter he was BALLING his eyes out I mean full on hyperventilating, bright red face the whole sha-bang! 
 (Ry, his best man/cousin Derrick, and his bff Nij)
When I saw him I thought for a split second "Oh my god dad why is he crying?" but I knew why. He was marrying me and I was the only girl he was going to see for the rest of his life and he was content with that and so was I. When I finally reached him and my daddy passed me off I knew I would always be in good hands. 
(My maid of honor/sister and my bridesmaid/sis in law) 
My dad struggled during the ceremony a little but after all I am his baby girl and he is and always will be my best friend, and the man I depend on. This picture is so tender! 
 I you can't tell by the smiles on our faces we are both very happy and excited to start our journey together. Being married in the Catholic Church meant so much to me and even though husband was raised LDS I'm so glad his family came and supported us. We had to take 4 months of marriage counseling with our priest and show up to church every Sunday morning. Also, we promised to raise our children Catholic which we still plan on doing.
Our ceremony was finally over and we could go party at our reception place!
Could my husbands smile get any bigger? I love this pic of us!

Here are some pictures we took at the Church before going to the reception site.
Ry & his older sissy
R and our handsome nephew and ring bearer
R's gals
My family. Geez my man and dad are so handsome!

After our church ceremony we headed over to this place

The Grand America. If you ever come to SLC I highly recommend staying at this hotel. Its SLC finest and only 5 star hotel. It's so pretty and has been one of my dreams! We started off with cocktail hour in the front corridors of the hotel to wait for last minute guests to arrive. I changed out of my wedding dress and into my little black dress so I could pig out on our seafood buffet.
Don't ask what I'm doing it but everyone says its a very Kodak moment

Our yummy cake
We talked with friends and family and enjoyed the support that we were getting from everyone! BUT all we could really think about was our honeymoon in Mexico!
Meant to be a mom said...

What a beautiful wedding. You were a gorgeous bride :)

Anonymous said...

in 59 days I'll get to experience my share of this too... I'm so excited! You're wedding looked beautiful and so did you :)

Annie said...

awesome pictures!! you looked SO pretty!!

Juggling Thoughts @ One Fine Wire said...

I love the wedding pics! Just found your blog and am so happy I did!

If you ever get a chance, I'd love to have you visit One Fine Wire :)

So nice to meet you and congratulations on your marriage!

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