4th of July

One of my favorite Holidays! It is like the official Holiday of Summer, as you may have read in a previous post I do live in UT and here we aren't exactly "normal".  We aren't celebrating the 4th on the 4th!! Ludacris? Hell yeah! So I think we will do our festivities on Sunday anyways.. (because we are rebels like that). Today is Friday and may I just get a Halleluiah? 

     I have had a fantastic more then successful week. May I please just brag about myself and my hard work for just 2 seconds?

1.  I got a $1 raise at work yesterday! Cha-Ching! I'm so stoked on it its an extra $180.00 a month woot woot! I really do work my butt of so I feel it is very much earned!

2.  My county track team made it into the Salt Lake Tribune! The article will be posted in the paper next Thursday (don't worry I will post a link). On the track meet that we hosted we have over 30 first place runners! I am so proud of them and can't wait to see them run at the final county meet!

Okay, okay I am done bragging but seriously ladies husband and I deserve the good things that have came to us because we both work so dang hard and try to live everyday to the fullest and "treat people the way we want to be treated." Always remember to pay it forward. 

Today I am off early from work because I came in early and I'm going to get my hair did by my new stylist! I'm nervous/excited! I will put up a post this weekend! Its a 3 day weekend and ours is filled with UFC Fights, Beer Pong, Fireworks, BBQ's, and the pool! Have a fantastic weekend!

Annie said...

I'll give ya a Halleluiah b/c it's Friday! Thank God!!

Yay for your raise...nice to get rewarded for your hard work :)

Have fun this weekend!

Brooke&Tyson said...

Yayy! Hallelujah! You deserve to take off early and get your hair did... Can't wait to see what color you decided on... Yay! happy 4th!!

Brittany said...

Congrats on the raise! That's something to celebrate :-)

Enjoy your weekend!

Ashley said...

That is so wonderful to get a raise! :) Congrats! You have much to celebrate with the hubby! :)

Kinsey Michaels said...

yay, that's wonderful you got a raise!! enjoy your 4th of july weekend!

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