Weekend Recap

I know, I know I am 3 days late on recapping my yet again successful eventful weekend! Friday night it was kinda crappy weather so we bbq'd at home then my sister and her boyfriend were in an art show at the library here downtown so we went out and supported them. C (my sis' boyfriend) is a tattoo artist, a very good one at that. So he designs and prints t-shirts and sells them along with his drawings. You can check them all out HERE.That was fun and the art work was way way cool. This is them here:
Then Saturday we woke up early, went to breakfast, went home and cleaned the house a little then headed up the canyon for a bon fire!
We my sis in law made some dank hobo/foil dinners and we took them up with us! It was a great time and we all had a lot of fun! We roasted marshmellows as big as my head and just had good times and good eats! Plus I got to snuggle with this little toots:
If my kiddies are half this cute my life will be complete! Thanks for the invite Jess we had fun!
Mommy Of A Jamexican said...

hobo/foil dinners! : ) YUM

Kristin said...

Looks like yall had fun BTW love the new header you look beautiful

Brooke&Tyson said...

aw i love the big pictures at the top of your blog now!! i also love the weekend recap... it looks like yall had so much fun!

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