I am ready to rip my hair OUT! (literally!) Remember when I talked about getting a new straightener Right Here?  Well the stupidfreakingridiculousexpensive thing still hasn't came in the mail yet! Seriously? I ordered it on  July 3rd! That was almost 2 weeks ago.. it better be damn worth it if it's not in the mail today I am going to have a damn BF. That's right a bitch fit. I have been wearing my hair up like this the past WEEK and I'm beyond over it:
(Excuse my nasty bathroom at work)
Note: You kinda get a preview of my hair color

Yep, just thought I'd vent my frustrations so I don't go home and take it out on DH or our furbabies! Oh, and one more thing please excuse my crows feet int his picture they make me look like an 80 year old! I promise they aren't that bad in real life. Does anyone have a good anti-aging cream? For my "expression lines?" hmmm... Ok, I'm done. k .thx.

Brooke&Tyson said...

i love your hair like that!! i know your over wearing it that way but it looks great! :)

CMae said...

LMAO. Too funny. What's wrong with unstraightened hair? :) Poor thing...hopefully it will come today!!!

Brittany said...

I think your hair is adorble! :) I love it! Glad your straightener finally come in!

P.S - love your nail polish color! What's it called?

Anonymous said...

oh your hair looks super cute like that, teach me...!

woodlandsblonde said...

I've been seeing your rant here and on FB haha - glad you got it girl :)

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