I know you ladies are DYING to see what I decided to do with my hair! Guess What?! I didn't get ANY pictures over this Holiday weekend! I'm such a slacker and I know I'm really going to regret not taking as many pictures some day! Boo! I can't put all the blame on not getting any pictures though. Do you want to know the truth??

My freaking hair straightner DIED on my Friday morning! ::gasp:: I had it for years and it lasted longer then it should have BUT I had to go to work with my hair not straightned Friday morning luckily my sis had an ancient one that I could borrow for the weekend till husband could convince me to break down and buy a new one! So... since he pulled my arm into getting a new one may I introduce you to..

my new best friend! I decided to go with a Herstyler which you can find Here. After reading the reviews on Chi's and other straightners this seemed like the best fit for me! I can't wait to get it in the mail and to FINALLY straighten my hair for real! Yep, I got my hair done all cute on Friday and haven't really been able to do it all weekend! So, you ladies will have to wait till it comes in in order for me to put up decent pictures of my hair! Let's just say I went with some dark! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and remembered those who died for our freedom! Pray my straightner comes in soon!

I must leave you with these which will be my next "big" purchase
Juicy Couture eyglass frames. (don't copy me bitches) I LOVE them! Now I just need to convince husband why they are such a good idea. Since I only wear the frames I have now at night! I'm sure I can think of something. ::hubba hubba::

Have a great 4 day week! Chow!

Mrs. G said...

I love your new layout!! And straightener! I should keep that one in mind ... mine is going on 5 years old, and Ill probably panic the day it goes out. I need to have a plan. =]
Oh, and adorable glasses frames! I hope you get them!

Brittany said...

I'm not sure why, but your post ALWAYS make me laugh haha I think it's just how you write them :-)

So sorry to hear about the straightener! I would have been super upset too. I've actually never heard of a herstyler straightener. Let me know how it works! Hope it gets to you soon.

Brooke&Tyson said...

hahaha you make me laugh... i'm exited for your new straightener and hopefully new frames!!

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