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Happy  Tuesday! I'm not going to join in on Top 2 Tuesday this week! I'm just not in the mood I think I got a total of 3 hours of sleep last night. Husband was called out around midnight for a gas leak and didn't get home till 3 AM! So therefore, I didn't sleep either now I'm stuck at work with a miserable headache and I just want to sleep! I have a more serious matter that I'd like to address and maybe have some opinions on:
The way R and I talk to each other.
We tease and bicker back and forth 24/7 we like to think of it as our foreplay. We usually call each other names, joke about having boyfriends and girlfriends and flat out make fun of each other! Well... this weekend I have noticed a few people are taking us seriously! Its crazy! You really think I would just speak to/about my husband like that with no concern for his feelings? Of course we both know that we are kidding and if we feel like we  have taken it too far we both immediately stop each other and apologize. My parents have always done it and it's fun for husband and I and it helps us get out a lot of our frustrations in a "decent" if you will, manner. So do I do it because I have watched my parents do it? Do most couples do this? I think without it our relationship would be kinda dull. I know once we  have children we will really need to watch our mouths but for the time being we have fun doing it, we know we are just joking, and its what fits us? Do we need to explain to family members and friends that 99.9% of the time we are just joking and having fun or is it just that it works for us? It almost offends me that people really think that we just speak like that because we don't. We are just not all about PDA or anything like that. We know we love each other and we don't need to prove it to anyone else.

So ladies what is your opinion on this matter? Do you and your spouse do it? Do you know others couples that do it? What do you think!? Thanks for your opinions it is very much appreciated!

Adorably Distracted... said...

Hubs and I are EXACTLY like that! The other day he pushed me in a bush in front of my whole family and everyone laughed hysterically. Just like you though, it's exactly what I saw growing up. We constantly make fun of each other. I think you are right when you say it would get boring if we weren't like that! I also think seeing my parents like that, gave me thicker skin growing up and keeps me from being a bratty girl that can't take a joke and gets mad about every little thing.

Mrs. G said...

I dont think you need to explain yalls relationship to anyone. I could see people being 'concerned' at first, but once you say, "oh we do this all the time, it's a joking thing for us", they shouldn't say anything again.
My husband and I joke about other boyfriends/girlfriends, too. Like if someone calls, he'll say, "That was my other gir...ooh..uhhhhh... uhmm.. MOM.. yeah my mom". He thinks he is hilarious. =P Even if I heard his buddy's voice or heard the whole conversation, he still does it. He also will do it around other people... or even the other day, he joked that when we were first dating, I was "THursday".. and I was like "That's ok... you were Monday afternoon.." -- which we were together 24/7 so it's obviously not true.. just something he really thinks is hilarious, and I think it's dumbly funny that he thinks it's funny, so I play along. Other couples tend to laugh along.
WOW- so before I go on to a novel here, I'd just say every couple has their own thing. If you find it's offending some (like family members or something), make a point to tone it down around them. My MIL one time seemed 'concern' for our relationship b/c hubby would joke about 'women's work' and like at home "he tells me what to do"... which is totally 100% wrong.. he just has 2 brothers (no sisters) and they thnk it's funny. But since his mom was thinking it was a serious thing, we decided maybe it wasn't a good idea to do that. I don't want her thinking we have a bad relationship or something.
OMG OKAY I AM SERIOUSLY DONE NOW. :) :) :) just giving my input/stories/relation to you!

Brittany said...

Its no one elses business but yours.. but if they are people that are constant in your lives, then I woud give them a heads up. I am sure they are just worried about you! So let them know in a light hearted way that you two are just joking around!! :)

Dean, Jess, & Peyton said...

I'm totally offended by the way you guys treat each other.. BAHAHAHAHAHA! ;)

Mommy Of A Jamexican said...

My love and I are pretty much the exact same we are always making fun of each other and being "mean" a lot of people think we are serious and we just think its funny! My parents who have been married for 22 years are the exact same way.. maybe i did pick it up from them or maybe some couples are just like that?

OurLittleBlessingS said...

my hubs and i are the same way! we are very sarcastic with each other and pick on each other daily. we were best friends before we dated so i think that's why our relationship works well and we can take it. we do teh same thing-some days i'm more sensitive and he knows to back off and apologize if he teases too much.

i dont think you should have to explain it to anyone. we have friends that are like us adn friends that aren't; and the ones that aren't to raise their eyebrows at us but i just ignore it. it's important between my hubs and i and how we take one another...(i guess, as long as we aren't 'offending' anyone with language in the process)
we have a 1 yr old so ours has toned down quite a bit.

keep rockin' at your marriage, girl!

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