Save the Drama for your mama

Home Sweet Home is really all I have to say! The trip was a success and fail all at the same time, Weds night we headed up to Rupert to stay the night with my FIL and then Thursday we started our trek to Stanley. Thursday day we checked into our rink a dink cabin 2 queen beds a small kitchen and a port-a-potty sized bathroom!
Leaving SL for ID

Leaving Rupert for Stanley

Our cabin

Once we got all checked in I immediately put my swim suit on and hit the river with my nephew! I swear we played in the water together 90% of the time that we were there! My back hurts so bad from being hunched over eyeing the water for minos! We caught about 15 total the whole trip!

Our 1st catches!

Thursday night we headed to the hot springs and then some drama happened. I'm not going to go into full detail about it but it was pretty bad! R and I headed home early to avoid it all together we weren't supposed to come home till today but we left late last night. Let's just say that we both learned a lot about each other and I learned the most about myself. I kept my class, pride & dignity and I am very proud for the way I held myself together and am so thankful for my SIL for the support she was able to give to me. I am being as optimistic as possible and am taking it all as lessons learned... at least I got a GOOD tan!

Friday morning we had a yummy breakfast and the 1st group headed out on the raft! They rafted down the river for 3 hours! While they were gone I played with these 4 cuties ALL day
My nephew Peyton & kid Seth!

My niece Addyson.

She is starting to teeth! I can't belive it she was just a itty bitty baby yesterday what happened? In my eyes she is still too little to have teeth she was fussy and sick for most of the trip. nbut oh so cute and loveable!

This is Brooks.

Ryan's cousin Erica's cute little boy! He says the funniest things and has the cutest little personality ever!
We mainly fished for minos and my nephew caught a frog that we lost 2 x then I became my nephews hero because I re-caught the frog.

Frederick the Froggy

Proud Froggy Catchers

That night we had a hawaiin cookout wore some awesome t-shirts, played some fun games, and had a bonfire it was my favorite night of the whole trip.

Us in our t-shirts

Our t-shits read "I was lei'd in Stanley Idaho. My BIL designed them and they turned out so cute and we were all very happy to wear them! Gma and Gpa even put them on! :]
Even baby Addy got in on the action

Ry & his Grandpa

Saturday we woke up bright and early had breakfast and headed out to Red Fish Lake. I was so surprised with how pretty it was! The water was so crystal clear you could catch mino's for days, the marina was awesome and we even rented out some paddle boats!

The "beach"

Nephew being buried

Due to the drama R and I headed out Saturday around 4. We hashed it out for about 2 hours of thE 7 hour drive. We stopped in Twin Falls and had dinner and shopped for a little bit it was nice to be with just him and get a breather from all the tension. We didn't arrive home till 1 AM this morning we have been lounging and doing laundry all day. I am so thankful for the drama that did happen I gained a lot out of it, became closer to my SIL and BIL and spent some nice quality time with my sweet nephew. I'm so glad to be home and even happier to take a nice hot long shower! Back to work tomorrow BOO!!
Brittany said...

Looks like a great time!

Sorry about the drama! Way to keep your class! It'll mean more in the future, then being petty! Hope all is well!

Love the pictures! SOOO CUTE! and the t'shirts are AWESOME!

Brittany said...

Aw, you and your man are adorable together! :)

Sounds like you had an awesome time - I love the Hawaiin party idea! The shirts are too funny.

Way to stay out of the drama :) Who needs that when you're on vacation?!

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