Easter 08'
 (poor quality) 

Husband for sure got me. He got me good! I knew he was up to something when he went to his sisters house the night before and put together an Easter basket. I mean it's really not that hard to put an Easter basket together is it? Easter morning I woke up and R sent me on a HUGE scavenger hunt, I went all over our apartment complex. Up and down the 4 flights of stairs in our mailbox in the bathroom, bedroom, fridge he had made little pictures of places to go find stuff it was so creative!  I finally found my Easter basket in the trunk of my car. I opened all the eggs and found candy galore! BUT no wedding ring like expected. WTF! The day went on and we went to brunch with my parents, and had dinner at his mom's with his sisters. I had another feeling that something was up because they were acting kinda strange. Well husband decided after dinner he wanted to go on a drive to watch the sunset. Well by this time, stupid me gave up on the idea of a proposal and just went along for the ride!
 We call this Top Of The World you can see every side of SLC its beautiful! 

He started acting really goofy and I got all giddy because I knew he was FINALLY going to grow the balls and propose! Eeek and he did! He told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and  he hoped I felt the same way after everything we had been through. (we broke up for a few months after I moved in) Of course I said YES! I texted everyone I knew and his sisters already knew and were way excited and my parents already knew because Ry asked my father for permission! So tender! We went home and I immediately had to set a date and let EVERYONE know that he was mine forever.
Mitzi G. said...

I have goosebumps; so romantic!

Joel and Cindy said...

Where's a pic of the ring?!? :)

Lyndsey said...

I just found your blog via Mrs. G and I wanted to comment on this post because I got engaged on Easter too (of '07)! Except my ring was in the basket so I didn't have to wait all day, I don't think I would have made it! Your honeymoon pics look great - yay for marriage! It's fun! :) Congrats!

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