Idaho? No UDAHO

Well ladies! Sorry I have taken a lil' bloggy break but I'm back and I have a lil' something I need your opinions on. It's not little its actually a BIG decision coming in our near future. As some of you may know my husband works for Questar Gas. It's the only natural gas company here in UT, well the natural gas company called Intermountain Gas in Idaho is hiring. Note: My husband was born and raised in Idaho and his father, grandparents, some aunts and cousins are still there.::   So last week his dad faxed the application to us and we discussed it. Here are my pros and cons.

 1) It would be REALLY good money he would get about a $5 raise 
 2) The cost of living in Idaho is almost 1/2 as to SLC
 3) Ryans grandparents only have a few more years in them and husband has always been way close with them.
 4)  My father in law is so sweet and I love when he is with us
 5) Schools in Idaho would be great for our children
 6) I know deep down it's where my DH heart is at.
   1)  My family, my big sissy who is my best friend in this whole world and of course my parents.
   2) My parents are getting older and may need my assistance in the years to come
   3) Friends, the ones we do have anyway
   4) My livelyhood! (does that make sense?)
   5) The closest mall is an HOUR away! 1 HOUR!
   6) My job. I am doing so so good at it.

I have been here in good ol' SL,UT my whole life!! So everything I know is here, everything I am so familiar with is here. I have always been the adventurous one always down for a good time, a new adventure, a new life experience so I am very torn. I don't want to be unfair to R, he feels the same about Idaho as I do UT. I know it would be such a fun thing for us to do as a couple but we couldn't turn back. 

 I want to give R the life he has always imagined himself having and if that means I have to suffer for awhile then I do because I know he would do anything in his power to keep me happy. Is a mall being an hour away worth it, having a big house on the river with all the toys worth it?

 I don't know what to do a BIG part of me says GO, GO, GO  get out of here!  Start a new life with your husband and learn new things, open your mind to another world, and adventure out of your comfort zone to show yourself that you and DH can do anything you set your minds too. BUT I part of me wants to curl up in a closet and think about all the things we could possibly miss out on. My niece and nephew growing up, my parents growing older, my big sissy not being here the second I need her and just all the unknowns. I get a little teary eyed thinking about all those precious things I may miss out on. However, a little spark goes off inside of me when I think of husband and I running off together with our 2 furbabies. I know women across the country do this everyday and some make it seem easier then others, maybe it's time for me to really grow up and evaluate all of the key parts I want in my life and my future childrens life.

 To close this Ry has an interview with Intermountain on the 22nd at 8 AM. He was stoked that he got called and I do not want to rip that away from him. His job at Questar is very stressful and puts a lot of strain on him, I love him so much and I know we will make the right choice for us but some opinions would be great!

Brooke&Tyson said...

hmm this is a big decision... i'll say a prayer for you. i hate making big decisions and thinking about the future. the good news is that if yall don't like idaho than you can always move back, right? i wish i had something very wise to tell you butttttt...I don't. haha... hang in there!!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

new starts are always exciting! i hope your decision comes to the both of you easily!

Brittany said...

Good luck on whatever decision you make! I love moving, I get excited about all the newness involved!

I live a good solid 1/2 hour to 45 min from a mall! It helps your pocket book out, i'm tellin' ya! :)))

Kristin said...

What a big choice Its good that you wrote out the pros and cons It a tough decision. I know yall will make the right choice

CHEERS! with KP said...

Wait and see how the interview goes, but I say DO IT!!! My husband is close to his grandparents too (the biggest reason he WONT move).
Keep an open mind and remember that you are still young... Live it!

~jacquelyn said...

i moved for my husbands job 3 weeks after our wedding, away from everone and everything i knew and loved.

it is HARD. it can be lonely.

but, now... we have our OWN home and our OWN life here... and its good. home is where your husband is, and where the two of you make your dreams happen together. if you're going to make the move... make it wholeheartedly! goodluck!!!

Hilary Lane said...

I wouldn't stress it until you find out if he gets the job offer. Don't put yourself through a couple of weeks of emotional turmoil! If (God forbid) he doesn't get the job offer, then you'll have stressed yourself out over nothing!!

Good luck in your decision, though!

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