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I love Jersey Shore! If you know me/read my blog enough then you know I am a HUGE t.v buff! The Jersey Shore Saeason Premiere FINALLY played tonight and I must say I am already hooked! :]

It looks SO drama filled. Sissy came over we made some sghetti, garlic bread, and had fresh watermelon and watched it together! It was fun, I love doing things like that with her! I bet ya can't guess who my favorite is?
Yuuuppp, you guessed it Snooki!
 I love how she is just herself on the show she doesn't every try to impress anyone and everything that comes out of her mouth is down right funny (a lot like me) ;] HA! I'm kidding. kinda?

So in other news, I got pulled over for speeding 45/25 tsk tsk I know. BUTTTT I knew my good looks would work in my favor at some point in my life I got out of it! Cha-Ching! Oh, and for those wondering my replacement straightner FINALLY came in today and it works! Can't wait to curl my locks tomorrow AND hubbs BETTER have bought me Lady A and Timmy McGraw tickets. That's all I really  have to say!

Tomorrow is Friday bitches!

[some think i am cocky, but i promise you 98.9% of the things that come out of my mouth are full of sarcasm so judge as you will]
CMae said...

I don't get to watch Jersey shore.....lol my mister wonderful is straight up ITALIAN and we watch re runs of the Sopranos haha.....or Goodfellas or God Father.... reality tv showing Italians just don't work for him lol

Brittany said...

I missed the premiere because I had such a horrible headache! Thank Gawd MTV has reruns like crazy! Hope to catch up tonight :))

Annie said...

I love JS too!! So pumped that it is back on. Snooki and JWoww are my favs...I just read on parez hilton that Snooki got arrested today though!!! hahahaa

Brittany said...

I missed the premier because I suck and fell asleep! I cannot believe it. I was looking forward to it ALL summer long! I love when Snookie does her wine (waaa) haha she just cracks me up!

Good job for getting out of the speeding ticket!

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